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Matthew Stone reading with M’ee of Delta Society's Pet Partner’s Program: “It was a critical turning point in Matthew’s learning to read. Kids will do for strangers what they will not do for parents, especially an animal.”
Pat Stone - Matthews Mom


Dog training in Central Oregon


Lin is certified by the National Association of Dog Obedience Trainers.

She also is conducting weeekly rehabilitation services at the Redmond Humane Society.





"November 13, 2010 - We so appreciated your class. Thank you for your patience with us. You helped me to see the diamond in rough of our precious Bijou (French for Jewel). I was not skillful and didn't know what to do, your class helped us learn so we could have a happy household. You should see Bijou now, she is growing to be such a sweet little girl, we love her to pieces. We wanted you to know how much we appreciated your help."

Love and hugs,
Bijou, JoRene, and Terry


"Quite as a surprise, instead of coming home with an October craft, I escorted home a beautiful white and black dotted greyhound named Memories. After observing Lin with her dog in the Library reading program, I decided to train Memories; not realizing we would have to overcome a lack of knowing how to play, fear of sharp and loud noises, not wanting to sit (due to past training in the starting chute at the track and a lack of interest in food.) Lin guided me through the training needed, wisely helping us obtain our Canine Citizen award and then on to the Delta Society Pet Partners certificate. Memories has served wonderful years at our local assisted living home bringing much joy both young and elderly."

- Constance Marie Bruneau


Lin's School for Dogs students"A dynamic trainer who allows the individual dog to show her what methods to use"

- Janet Stevens & Roscoe




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Lin does a superb job of seeing what the dog and handler both need in order to achieve desired results. She contantly is asking questions in order to problem solve. It is a joy and challenge to work with her. I know I never would have achieved what I have without her guidance. Shown her is Taz CD,RN, RA, RE & Midas CD, CDX, RN, RA, RE, RAE.

-Robin Fallon
Bend, OR


Lin's School for Dogs students"Lin is an exceptional person to train with! She has a deep understanding of behavior - in dogs and in humans, which in combination with a strong and sensitive intuition creates a wonderful environment in which to learn."

- Christine C.
Bend, OR



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"Lin is a professional and passionate trainer. Her approach is intense and personal. Her vast experience showing dogs gives her an added perspective to the capabilities of the dog and handler. She has taught competitive and behavioral obedience at our camp for two years, receiving rave reviews. her insight and teaching skills have improved performance and solved everyday problems for many. She and her dogs are a joy to watch and an inspiration to all dog lovers!

- Lory Kohlmoos, Director
Camp Winnaribbun at Lake Tahoe

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Lin's School for Dogs StudentsMy first obedience dog, Kasey, was lacking a solid understanding of the commands when Lin observed us in the ring. She suggested that we focus on the basics and the proper time to reward. With Lin’s keen eye to detail, I was able to progress to the UDX level. We obtained the UDX title and received 4 HC (High Combined) scores in the process.

- Marilyn Jewell

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Lin has helped me achieve what I could not envision when I first began the journey into competitive obedience with my Novice A dog - - a Utility title!! When I began the journey, I just thought a CD would be "cool" to work toward with my dog. I didn't really know where I was going or how to get there. Then I raised the bar from CD to CDX to UD as we accomplished each level. It was not only the title that became important, but the work, relationship and diligence to figure out how to achieve this with a dog that is my heart dog and soulmate, but not necessarily the typical competitive obedience candidate in terms of drive. Through Lin's help we were able to get "there," which is so much more than having a bunch of titles behind her name. (Which is also really COOL, by the way!) I continue to work with Lin on improving as a trainer so I can more effectively communicate to and understand my dog's, developing the relationship that builds the foundation for our other goals in competition, therapy work in the community and our daily lives together.

Christine Crosby

Sunlight's Mystic Phoenix, UD, VER, RN, CGC, Delta Society Pet Partner

Sunlight's Premonition, CD, RN, CGC, Delta Society Pet Partner

Sunlight's Cerro Solo, CGC, TDI (18 months)

Sunlight's Sacred Talisman (10 months)


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